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Incompatibility in Lion
Incompatibility in Lion
by Rich Rubasch on Aug 7, 2011 at 10:19:18 pm

Going to load up FCP X, FCS 3 and CS 5.5 on a new Lion install. Considering doing a transfer files from a Leopard system I have had for a while....mostly because loading all the stuff I have would take a monumental effort.

What day to day programs have you found are incompatible with Lion? Any major roadblocks there?

One the Users-Library folder in the Lion install there is no Preferences folder like in Leopard. Where does that live now?

I have some software (like the Blackmagic Videohub) that has a preference file with all our names on all the inputs/outputs and would be very simple just to carry over the pref file. Not sure where to put it!

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Re: Incompatibility in Lion
by John Davidson on Aug 8, 2011 at 12:34:29 am

Rick, your prefs are still here. In terminal type in "chflags nohidden /users/**username**/library" and your library folder reappears.

I just brought up two leopard systems this week. Quicken and office 2004 is out (I prefer iWork anyways, and Intuit products are terrible across macs).

Our Black Magic Studio works fine - digitized and laid back. AJA drivers are also up to date with Lion. Parallels needs an update ($40) to the latest is you run any windows. All my stuff seems to be working find, CS5, FCP, FCPX etc. 1Password seems to be working fine now - so you missed all their update issues. The App store will update a few things maybe. It's really not that bad as it's made to seem - we just did standard installs over Snow Leopard production machines. The world didn't end :).

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Re: Incompatibility in Lion
by André Engelhardt on Aug 8, 2011 at 6:22:48 pm

Hi Rich,

only issue, as I see you also are involved with sound, is that Solid State Logic's virtual dongle is no longer working under Lion. No update as of yet afaik! Otherwise Logic Pro suite, Waves, TC, NI etc. work fine (check your software's websites for updates).

Good luck on the upgrade!

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