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Ramifications of the Apple - Nvidia Falling Out
Ramifications of the Apple - Nvidia Falling Out
by Matthew Johnson on Oct 20, 2009 at 5:06:56 pm

We are thinking about purchasing the Nvidia Quadro 4800 for out After Effects suite, but there is some murmuring about the Nvidia not being supported or dropped in the future. Is there any validity to this?

I guess a more direct question would be, Does the 4800 work on Snow Leopard?

Re: Ramifications of the Apple - Nvidia Falling Out
by Alan Okey on Oct 22, 2009 at 7:45:33 pm

There's no danger of Apple dropping nVidia graphics, especially the discrete graphics. What's at issue here is the nVidia chipsets. Intel is claiming that nVidia doesn't have the right to produce chipsets compatible with its newest line of CPUs, something nVidia disputes.

In a nutshell, Intel is running scared because of technologies like OpenCL that threaten to make the CPU less dominant in the overall architecture of personal computers. GPU technology has evolved at a much more rapid pace than that of CPUs, and APIs like OpenCL are trying to take advantage of the extra horsepower. As one of nVidia's co-founders recently put it, what's really happening here is a battle for the soul of the PC.