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Weird Local Network Issues
Weird Local Network Issues
by Michael Cummins on Oct 9, 2009 at 3:16:06 am

At my studio we have a MacPro (running OSX 10.5.8) and two iMacs (22" running 10.5.8 and a 24" running 10.5.6). When they're all in the studio I can transfer files between each, share screens, etc., flawlessly. Everything's connected via a wireless-n router.

I had to work from home a couple days last week so I took the 24" iMac home with me. I plugged in my dinky little DSL ethernet connection, and WOW! HOLY COW! I'm still connected to work computers!!! Actually, I was connected to the 22" iMac back at the office. It shows up in the Shared section of the Finder window.

Here's the weird thing. When the Macs are all on a local network in the same building they work fine together. But when I work remotely with the 24" iMac, things only half-work. In this situation:

The 24" iMac can connect to: 22" iMac only (and not the MacPro).
The 22" iMac can connect to: MacPro only (but not the 24" iMac).
The MacPro can connect to: 22" iMac only (and not the 24" iMac).

So why is the 24" iMac able to share the 22" screen, but the 22" can't share the 24" screen? And why can't the 24" and the MacPro see each other at all? I've made sure file sharing and screen sharing is enabled for everyone on all Macs, and made sure AppleTalk was active on all Macs. Is it the difference between 10.5.6 and 10.5.8? Because I've tried Software Update, and it won't update the 24" to 10.5.8....

Re: Weird Local Network Issues
by Chris Duffy on Oct 9, 2009 at 3:56:04 am

may be a firewall issue between 10.5.6 system and the 10.5.8
systems.....the odd one is the 10.5.6. Check firewall
settings on the 10.5.6 must be blocking ports
of non-local networks.... you can always temporarily
turn off the firewall on the 10.5.6 system...just one idea.

Re: Weird Local Network Issues
by Zane Barker on Oct 9, 2009 at 4:57:40 am

I'm betting that you have all 3 machines using the same mobile me account. One feature of mobile is called back to my mac, if you don't know about it Apples website talkes about it.

It's probably only partialy working because some settings for back to my mac are probably not completly corect on one or more of the machines.

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Re: Weird Local Network Issues
by Michael Cummins on Oct 9, 2009 at 11:57:52 am

Well, I got the 24" iMac updated to 10.6.8 (the second time I ran Software Update). Chris, I checked the MobileMe account, and you're right. It wasn't turned on for the MacPro. After doing that 24" can now remotely access the two Macs back at the office, but neither office Mac can access the 24" here. Were exactly do I go to check firewall settings? I read a couple AppleDocs about it and they mentioned the "Firewall pane of Security Preferences" neither of which I can find in System Preferences.

EDIT: Doh! I found it....