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Should i format the internal HD?
Should i format the internal HD?
by Joan Solsona on Aug 6, 2009 at 12:19:58 pm

Hi There,

I'm "cleaning" the MacPro i use at work (editing) and everytime i do disk repair (with disk utility) to the internal hard drive, i get loads of error messages. at the end of the text says "permission repair completed", BUT i run disk utility again and the errors appear as before. I also used the onyX application but everything stays the same.

SO, since i'm doing cleaning and backups these days, should i format the entire internal HD and begin from scratch? Is that really useful on a Mac?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Should i format the internal HD?
by JC Boulay on Aug 6, 2009 at 3:06:48 pm

If the only errors found are on permissions, there is no need to reformat. Mac OS has had that behaviour for years, where the few same permissions are always seen as having the wrong settings. As long as Disk Utility finds no fault in your Catalog, Multi-Linked Files or Ressource Forks without being able to repair them, don't go overboard. If DU does find such errors and can't fix them, DiskWarrior is the step you should take before formatting.

Mac OS doesn't need to be reinstalled very often. As long as you regularly empty caches, run maintenance scripts and optimize the drive, the OS's footprint doesn't bloat too much. Most reinstalls or retrieves I've had to do in the last few years were caused by hardware failures, not software issues.

Save yourself a possible headache.

JC Boulay
Audio Z
Montreal, Canada

Re: Should i format the internal HD?
by Joan Solsona on Aug 6, 2009 at 3:12:45 pm

So it seems that my Mac is working ok. I agree, no need for formatting.
I understand that formatting is only necessary in case of big hd problems.

Thanks a lot!