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Mac Pro Tune Up
Mac Pro Tune Up
by William Campbell on Aug 5, 2009 at 3:29:50 am

I'm in between FCP projects. Mac Pro 2.8 2xQuad. Updated to 10.5.7 and FCP 6.0.6 w/o any problems. All is running fine. Should I do a little tune up in between projects? I have DW4 and TechTool 5. Any suggestions?

Re: Mac Pro Tune Up
by JC Boulay on Aug 5, 2009 at 4:20:39 pm

Some people say "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I say "if it ain't broke, still check it regularly". DiskWarrior is super useful when the proverbial hits the fan but not that good at basic tests. Run TechTool pretty often, though. You can skip a few tests, like Surface Scan, which takes forever and is only useful when things are already going awry. Run the structure tests, memory tests and SMART. Permission checks should be on your regular to-do list, as well. If you have a drive for your video files that sees a lot of movement at the end of a project, defragmenting it is a good idea before dumping more stuff back onto it. Backup first!

Another little app I like is Onyx ( It does pretty much the same things as TechTool, but makes it super-easy to do fast checks of your startup disk structure (without rebooting). Since it's donation-ware, it won't cost you to try it out. It also permits automation of regular maintenance tasks such as cache cleaning, permission checks, optimizing...

I've been coined as a computer health obsessive by some, but I run structure checks twice a week per computer, repair permissions and force-run maintenance scripts once a week and clear caches every one or two weeks. I've caught a few problems before they could wreak havoc with this schedule.

JC Boulay
Audio Z
Montreal, Canada