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Time Machine Backups
Time Machine Backups
by Eric Kuehnapfel on May 2, 2008 at 6:41:49 pm

Can Time Machine backup on an hourly basis not only the main hard drive but also an internal RAID 0 created from the remaining three drive slots? (Assuming, of course, one has an external JBOD array big enough to hold all the data.) This question actually relates to a previous query about RAID cards and sacrificing storage/performance for Raid 5 versus Raid 0. I'm thinking of using Time Machine to act as a RAID 5-type protective measure against drive failure. But I can't seem to find any articles about using Time Machine in addition to the main hard drive. I'm also curious if the actual backup processing time is truly invisible in the background and doesn't interfere with normal operation. Any thoughts or comments?

Re: Time Machine Backups
by Jeff Carpenter on May 2, 2008 at 8:49:52 pm

Time Machine backs up everything it can find that's connected locally. So, for example, I have 3 drives inside my Mac Pro. Time Machine tries to back them all up. I tell it to ignore one of them since I only use it for video that I keep on tape and could re-capture if I need to.

You can only have 1 Time Machine drive, but that one drive can back up multiple other drives. (I wish I could assign a diffferent firewire drive to back up each internal drive, but alas, that's not possible.)

As for whether it interfears with the computer or not, I couldn't say. I haven't had any problems yet (I use Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro a lot) so I'd think it's fine. But I couldn't say for sure.