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ram flush
ram flush
by chris newman on May 28, 2007 at 1:55:01 pm

does anyone know of an app that will flush your ram without shutting down and restarting. i often have multiple ram intensive programs open (i have a dual 2.7 G5, os 10.4.9 4gb ram, plently of internal hard drive space). i frequently have to render HD stuff in after effects. when i do that, i shutdown all of my other apps (photoshop illustrator, cinema 4d, etc.) but even after i do that, sometimes i get an error in after effects that says it cannot create a 1920x1080 buffer and stops rendering. i'm not entirely certain how osx manages ram allocation but the last i inquired, ram still gets fragmented (i.e. if you shutdown multiple programs, you don't necessarily have that total allotment of ram available because it isn't in one chunk.) in my experience, you have to shutdown, not restart, your computer. shutting down actually flushes out your ram so you're starting from scratch. since i'm having this problem, i'm inclined to believe that ram still gets fragmented and the only way i know of to defrag it is to shutdown and restart. i think it may be as long ago as the os9 days but i remember an app whose specific purpose was to flush (or defrag) ram. does anyone know if such a program exists? if so, where would i find it?