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done something stupid :(
done something stupid :(
by stu aull on Dec 11, 2006 at 12:34:48 am

OSX 10.4.6 /G5 tower Dual 2.0Mhz (non intel)
OK, gawd I hope I can explain this correctly....
On the desktop, when you double click on the system main drive icon, it opens a menu that, on the top sub-window: lists all the drives; bottom: Applications, Utilities, etc.
I accidentally grabbed my "ARRAY" (external video drive) from the TOP window and it went "poof" (literally a "puff-of-smoke" effect!) and IT HAS DISAPPEARED! It is still on the desktop as an independent icon BUT:
In FCP or Motion or ANY program into which I need to IMPORT a file - the "import" menu (which presents the same menu above that lists all the drives, etc.) NO LONGER DISPLAYS THE "ARRAY" icon and I can not access any files within the ARRAY to import into these program!!
I just "know" there is some idiotically simple means of restoring this - but have NO idea what that may be..!

Stu Aull

Re: done something stupid :(
by Jeff Carpenter on Dec 11, 2006 at 3:15:12 am

Well, first off, you can drag it from the desktop back to the list you erased the icon from. It will make a copy back there and that will be fixed.

I'm not sure why you can't import stuff, however. What you erased was just a shortcut, it shouldn't have made a difference like that.

At any rate, put the icon back, restart your computer, and see if that fixes everything. If not, report back and tell us what's going on at that point.

Re: done something stupid :(
by stu aull on Dec 11, 2006 at 6:02:13 am

Thanks Jeff-
yeah, that seemed obvious, but all dragging the ARRAY icon over to the list does is highlight one of the OTHER drive icons, and the ARRAY alias just gets inserted INto that drive - no ARRAY icon is added to the list...

Re: done something stupid :(
by Chuck Reti on Dec 11, 2006 at 7:42:09 pm

You have to do the "drag" to the sidebar correctly. If you drag your Array icon so as to highlight one of your disk icons, yes, you will drop that alias into that drive, just like dropping a document into a folder. You have to drag the new item so that, instead of highlighting an item in the sidebar, you drag it just beneath it, which will display an underline. Release the mouse button at that point and you will see your Array icon placed where the underline appeared, below the disk or other sidebar icon. Once items are in the sidebar, you can drag them around to reorder them to taste.

Re: done something stupid :(
by stu aull on Dec 12, 2006 at 9:44:54 am

Thank YOU Chuck!!
I knew it would be something simple ;)
Stu Aull