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firewire file size copy problem error -1309
firewire file size copy problem error -1309
by avantis on Jul 15, 2006 at 6:01:22 pm

When transferring large video files from one firewire drive to another in OSX panther on Rocstor firewire media formatted in Mac OS extended, I am getting error -1309 and lots of problems. The new 250 gig even became unreadable, data was lost, and I had to reformat. It hung norton disk doctor and sometimes the OS reported that copy times for 7 gig files would be 936 hours.

This is a brand new rocstor drive, and frankly I do not think the drive is the source of the problem, (but who knows?) perhaps the files have become corrupted.

However neither diskwarrior nor norton disk doctor have found a problem with the firewire media or the files. (well, there was one, "a major error was found in the ALternate Volume HEader Block, last mounted version is invalid", but Diskdoctor corrected this) I have researched error -1309 in the COW archives and on the internet, but there is surprisingly only a sparse amount of info about it.

On the first copy operation a few weeks ago there was not really a problem (about 61 gigs worth of quicktimes). The files copied fine. Now these same files -- some of them, especially the large ones, up to 7.5 gigs, are refusing to copy from the (second or third) generation firewire drive to yet another firewire drive.

Any insights on this puzzling problem would be appreciated.



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Re: firewire file size copy problem error -1309
by Simon Carlson-Thies on Jul 15, 2006 at 9:52:16 pm

What system are you using exactly is it a bunch FW drives that are daisy chained or is it a FW 800 drive and FW 400 drive that your copying data to and getting these errors?

Have you verified permissions on your system drive?

I have heard that panther can have problems with large files at time... I would since they are a bunch of quicktime files try if the drives are daisy chained hooking them up one at a time and copying the data to the locations directly... Also this will allow you to see if its a problem with the drives in your chain...

If your not using a daisy chain I would still copy the data direct to the drive not from one to another...

You may have a file corruption problem though.. if you have those files backed up I would try copying those and see if that works...

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Re: firewire file size copy problem error -1309
by avantis on Jul 15, 2006 at 10:55:59 pm

Well, thanks for your insight Simon. I have since seen the most information on this issue at the apple support website. Quite a number people have brought up the issue of -1309 errors. No, my drives are not daisy chained. They are AV 400's, at least the destination drive is, not the current source drive.

In some cases it is the last available copy of the files, but to be honest, the files are not too critical in nature and can be redigitized with modest hassle. Nevertheless it is extremely good to find out you may experience these excruciating difficulties before a real job comes along.

One of the best options, I've learned, is to seek a utility which will break down large video files into smaller pieces. One such freeware is called "clip creator 2.1.2", but there are others. That seems my only option at the moment.



"Life is good, as long as it doesn't take up too much of my time."