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Recommend books?
Recommend books?
by JP Driscoll on Jan 12, 2006 at 11:07:37 pm

Are there any books out there you guys can recommend for learning OS X Tiger and Unix? I've been a PC guy all my life with limited Mac experience until recently. Now I want to learn all I can about it. I want anything from beginner on up. What 3-5 books would best suit my needs?


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Re: Recommend books?
by Tony! on Jan 13, 2006 at 7:09:01 pm

It really depends a lot on what level you are at and what type of knowledge you are looking to gain (general OS X guru advice/tips, pro networking or server info, creative applications like Final Cut and Motion, trouble-shooting for software or for hardware, Unix on the Mac, etc).

Here's some general recommendations:

The Missing Manual - Tiger Edition (a must have for all OS X users):

Any of the Apple Training Series books (Most of them are great. Choose the subject that interests you most):

If you're a UNIX geek (or want to be), checkout titles from O'Riely like "Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks":

That should get you started. If you want recommendations for more specific subjects or applications post again.