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put cd rom movies onto a dvd?
put cd rom movies onto a dvd?
by Emmet Reddy on Oct 2, 2008 at 9:59:30 am

Hi all some one has asked me if i can take the movies from a training cd-rom and put them onto a dvd so they can watch them on tv, sounds like a good idea. so i said i would do it, no problem but its turning out to be a pain in the head, anyway the movies are 880 X 660 5fps using Sorenson Video 3 this is ok i can import them into FCP and render i have tried to set my sequence to be identical to the clip i.e. compressor used, fps etc so i wouldn't have to render but ive had no luck?
anyway the video i seem to be able to handle except it will probably take a day or so to render but the audio is 32 - bit floating point and i dont think FCP can handle that.
I have tried importing into dvd studio pro and exporting using compressor no joy
I think the viedo files are protected.
Anybody have any good ideas as to how i would do this?

Re: put cd rom movies onto a dvd?
by Noah Kadner on Oct 6, 2008 at 2:05:43 pm

Open in QT player and export to a format FCP can handle- say ProRes 422 at 720x480 with 24-bit stereo audio at 48Khz first. Then you'll be able to edit in FCP. Then export to MPEG-2 with Compressor and bring into DVDSP. Not going to be super pretty but then again it's coming from a finishing codec to begin with so you gotta be realistic.


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Re: put cd rom movies onto a dvd?
by Emmet Reddy on Oct 7, 2008 at 11:37:03 am

I cant export from QT because its greyed out, and i have QT pro its like the file is protected or something?

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