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Tablet tripod adaptations
Tablet tripod adaptations
by Mark Suszko on Jul 24, 2018 at 9:09:50 pm

I want to make a simple iPod adapter for the common consumer tripod head with the 1/4 screw. The idea is to use a router to make a slot in a suitable piece of wood that you can slip an iPad into, add the matching nut to the wood piece, go shooting.. What size router bit should I get? iPads come in a couple of thicknesses, what's a good "average?

This will be meant for static indoor setups, with an aim to very low cost. But it has to grip the iPad just tightly enough so it won't tilt or slip. There are commercial versions of this, they are wooden bases with a routed slot but they are all designed to be use as angled reading supports.

Re: Tablet tripod adaptations
by Todd Terry on Jul 24, 2018 at 10:50:07 pm

Dunno what size bit... but if pads vary greatly in thickness (and I couldn't really attest to that, I own three pads and they are all identical) you could do parallel grooves close together of different widths... three or four of them.

That way you'd always be likely to have one that fits, no matter whose pad you stick in there.


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