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Group Clips don't hold color management settings???
Group Clips don't hold color management settings???
by Nina Lucia on Feb 15, 2019 at 4:38:34 am

Using MC 2018.4...

Cutting a short film and some of it was shot with two cameras that have been brought into MC with very different color. I found a setting inside Source Settings>Color Encoding to use for the washed out camera but when I group the clips, the color doesn't show up. It is there on the individual clip but not the group. Is there something to do to make that happen or is this an annoying bug?


EDIT: Thought I'd try cutting it into a sequence and once I cut it in the color I put on it shows up! Just don't see it in the source monitor when it's in a group clip. Weird.

Also... I was looking at the group clip in multi-cam mode to compare it to the other camera and make sure it was grouped correctly. When I look at it normally, without the split/multi-cam screen it has the color applied as visible.

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