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Disappearing ColorSpace and Color Transformations
Disappearing ColorSpace and Color Transformations
by Matthijs Molenaar on Jun 29, 2016 at 10:24:09 am

Hi everyone!

I have a bit of a strange question/story today. While prepping a project for editing in Avid MC8.5.3 everything seemed to go fine. I Linked the footage and imported the audio, Transcoded the (Sony A7S) footage to DNxHD 185 X and applied a SLog 3.Cine colorspace and the Slog-3.cine to REC 709 transformation and it seemed fine. Synced all of it without problems, checked the sync, completely missed the audio offset of about 5 frames (not the actual problem though) and copied a 1:1 clone of the project and MXF Folders to a transport HDD and sent it off for editing.

Unfortunately, about an hour later i get a call from the assistent editor with the question why two days (of about five) that i prepared did not get the color treatment i mentioned above. I opened my project back up and saw that these color transformations were still inside my setup so the HDD came right back.

I opened up the project i gave them and lowe-and-behold, the color was gone. Even worse, where Avid previously found the precise color space for the footage automatically, now it was set to "unknown." So i applied the colorspace and transformation, reopened the project after saving to see if the colors had stuck, and shipped it off again.

Again, i was called to ask what i had done because they had the same problem, so i told them exactly which color space to use and which transformation to apply, so the problem was (sorta) solved.

Does anyone know if there is something i missed? Or is this just some kind of bug that just happens to avid once in a while?
We thought it was some kind of AMA Plugin problem (if they did not have the correct plugin) or that they did not have the precise colorspace and transformations installed, but they obvilously did :/

Anyone have any idea?

Re: Disappearing ColorSpace and Color Transformations
by Ricky Barrow on Jun 29, 2016 at 10:36:45 am

Is the AE using the same version of Avid? One work around would be to bake the color transformations in during transcode.


Re: Disappearing ColorSpace and Color Transformations
by Matthijs Molenaar on Jun 29, 2016 at 10:42:59 am

thought about that, but you know how it is, People can only be reached by phone if they are having a problem that you need to fix :p Trying to find out, so i'll get back to you.

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