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AVID Media Composer - Pro Tools Flawless Round Trip
AVID Media Composer - Pro Tools Flawless Round Trip
by Nikhil Nath on Jan 23, 2016 at 1:05:41 pm

Hello good people,
I have a new project which is 24fps 1080p. I have build a rough edit. Now I have to send the project for dubbing. I'd like to know how a timeline from media composer is sent to pro tools. I was told it was an easy thing to do but every time I try using send to pro tools command and open it in pro tools the video is not being imported. Can someone suggest me a way to do it? I mean some of you guys must be doing it in a daily basis. Please help.

Thank you.

Re: AVID Media Composer - Pro Tools Flawless Round Trip
by Jonathan Abrams on Jan 23, 2016 at 3:52:37 pm


The facility I work at sends Media Composer projects to Pro Tools every day. We create an AAF of the sequence and a video mixdown (same as source) of the edit, then give those two files (AAF and MOV) to the Pro Tools user.

The Pro Tools user then uses the Import Session Data command to import the AAF, followed by the Import Video command to load the video mixdown (MOV). The one key bit of information that needs to be conveyed is where to spot the FFOP in the video mixdown. If the video mixdown has a two-pop flash frame, its really obvious. If not, that information needs to be conveyed some other way.

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