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Pixelated Artifacts on XDCam footage
Pixelated Artifacts on XDCam footage
by Ace Billet on Oct 17, 2015 at 12:56:51 pm

I got some footage off AVID - a mix of DNxHD and XDCam.

When I brought some shots into After Effects, I noticed that
some of the materials that's in XDCAM HD422 1080p30 (50 MB/s)
has weird pixel artifacts, popping in for one frame.
The artifacts also appear on the original media files.

The weird thing is that the noise in not consistent -
I can scrub a clip, and the noise won't appear, next scrub it's there.
Also, in Avid the footage play ok - No artifacts.

I have the Apple Pro Video Format Installed.

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