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Error message when attempting to AMA link
Error message when attempting to AMA link
by Sean Lewis on Mar 5, 2015 at 3:10:08 am

Hey all, I'm practicing getting to know the basics of Avid MC (v.8.3), as I have been offered an assisting gig in a week's time, and I'm just doing some prep/practice. (My background is with FCP7 and X.) The editor wants me to be able to transcode Arri Alexa footage to MXF DNxHD 1080p 36 8 bits using Resolve Lite, and then use Avid MC to sync and log the footage.
I have transcoded overnight, and now I have a bunch of MXF files (so far so good). But after selecting the appropriate MXF files in the AMA link box, I click OK, and I end up with either of the following two messages:

"Unable to link to file or volume.
You may need to download & install the AMA plug-in from the Avid AMA website.
See Console for more information."
- After this initial message, I downloaded the "ARRI DNxHD AMA Plug-in" (latest version 1.5), then restarted MC and continued to get the same errors, even when selecting the dropdown in the AMA link box which says "Arri Alexa (MXF)". I experimented linking, going through every option in the dropdown which included "(MXF)" at the end. Still no luck.

""Segmentation fault" in thread "MainThread", at address 0x0", and this is followed by a force quit, and a dialog box saying "Avid Media Composer quit unexpectedly", along with a bunch of computer language in the box underneath.

I found similar forum questions around the net, but I couldn't find anything particularly relating to my situation.

To give some extra backstory that may or may not be relevant, last year I used the trial version of MC for the first time, and then I installed the trial again just 2 days ago. But before installing it for the second time, I decided to clean up a bunch of stuff that was clogging up my computer. Old files, old autosave vaults, and my previously installed Avid applications, along with anything that I thought was Avid affiliated - such as izotope and digidesign folders. I just wanted to make sure it was all gone so I could do a fresh install this time round.
I wonder if this is the cause of my problem, and perhaps I didn't completely uninstall and remove everything.

Could it be to do with this? Or is there some other possible explanation?

I'm very new to Avid. I know it's tough to learn but I really need the help asap, so I can make sure I'm ready before this assisting job.

Re: Error message when attempting to AMA link
by Massimo Alberto Croce on Mar 5, 2015 at 6:37:36 am

Put the files you create in resolve directly in the "avid media files/mxf/1(or any other numbered folder)" folder inside your media disk.

Massimo Alberto Croce
Video Editor, Colorist, Pro Tools Editor

Re: Error message when attempting to AMA link
by Sean Lewis on Mar 10, 2015 at 3:21:51 am

Thanks a lot! That's really helpful. My editor showed me this as well.

It's something no one has mentioned to me when setting up an Avid project - that you must have your media sitting in a folder at the ROOT of the drive, in a folder structure labelled EXACTLY like this:

Avid MediaFiles/MXF/1

And the folder labelled "1", must have your MXF files inside it. Then after creating an Avid project on that drive, it will see that there is media sitting in folder "1", and automatically generate a .pmr and .mdb file. Then to import, all I need to do is drag the .mdb (database file) into a bin, from Finder to Avid, and it will automatically import everything in folder "1".

I think this is the same outcome to using the import function in Avid, but instead of Avid creating the MXF files, and putting them in that folder structure, we've done the work first, then Avid's automatically found it. So it's not AMA linked, right?

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