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Lipsyncing and AVID Elastic Reality
Lipsyncing and AVID Elastic Reality
by Erin Herbst on Dec 22, 2014 at 3:24:35 pm

Not sure if AVID is the right forum to be posting this in but I thought it would be worth a go. I'm doing a video for the local fire department in my town and the idea is to film a horse and then animate his mouth so it looks like he's speaking to a script (which we will have a voiceover artist record). The inspiration came from the old "Happy Cows Come from California" ads (you can see an example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up880afV_qs). The script is 234 words and the video should come in at just over a minute.
I'm looking for someone with experience in computer animation/special effects that would be able to edit the horse's mouth to sync up with the voiceover artist's reading, and read that AVID's elastic reality is sometimes used to do these types of projects.
Since I have zero experience with VFX/animation whatsoever, I'm planning to post the job here on Creative COW and ODesk and see if I have any luck finding someone. My question is, what type of software is used to to do this type of project? For example when I write the job description should I say "Must be proficient in ______ software/design" or "must have experience with _____." I have no idea what skill set/techniques I should be asking for and figured that will be vital to know both before we film/photograph the horse and as I look for talent to edit the video. any advice would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks :)

Re: Lipsyncing and AVID Elastic Reality
by Michael Phillips on Dec 22, 2014 at 8:09:10 pm

These days, a 3 wire mesh is created to match phonemes (what used be the dope sheets in animation) and then added to the animals, then rendered to look like fur, lips, teeth, etc.

It is possible to use the footage as is, and using Elastic reality, re-time any lip movements to active dialog looking at the waveforms to get close. But, you may want to do that just to the mouth area and not the entire frame, so some matte work, tracking, etc. will be needed for that.

You are looking for a VFX artist that is capable of tracking, rotoscoping, matte generation, and experience with Elastic Reality to time the video to the dialog.


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