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DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
by Troy Williams on Dec 10, 2014 at 2:56:28 am

I've been trying to get some practice in working with Resolve and Avid, specifically with converting Alexa footage to MXF in DaVinci for use in Avid, and then relinking back to the original source MOVs in Avid after editing is done. I'm having trouble with that final step.

Here's what I've done so far:

In DaVinci 11:

1) Bring the media into DaVinci.
2) Configure the DaVinci project with "Assist using reel names from... ...Embedding in source clip file"
3) Deliver from DaVinci using the AAF Round Trip preset.
4) Copy the MXFs to the AVID MediaFiles folder, then drag the AAF into an Avid bin.

Editing ensues... ...fast forward to where I'm ready to relink back to the master clips.

In Avid:

1) I temporarily disable the Avid MediaFiles folder by renaming it (I use "_Avid MediaFiles").
2) I bring in the original Alexa MOVs using AMA Link. A new bin is created containing them.
3) I close all bins except the bin I want to relink and the bin containing the AMA imported files.
4) I right-click on the sequence I want to relink and choose "Relink". I use the settings in the screenshot below, but nothing relinks.

Interestingly, I notice that the AMA imported files have no tape name, but do have a Source File listed in the metadata. For the MXFs it's vice versa. They have a tape name but no Source File.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
by Michael Phillips on Dec 10, 2014 at 3:56:56 am

You can't use "embedded" in Resolve for REEL ID as Media Composer does not support that when you AMA link later for the conform. Use "file name or clip name (can't remember exact working, not in front of Resolve at the moment).

AMA link will always use Source File and not Tape, but you can relink between columns since v7.


Re: DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
by Glenn Sakatch on Dec 10, 2014 at 2:56:51 pm

It doesn't look like you selected any clips to relink to. You have to do a ctrl A in the bin with the AMA clips. As the button says "all selected clips" in open bins.

Then I usually go "Tape name or File name" not "Tape name or Source File id"

I usually tell it to ignore extensions as well. (Makes me feel better :)


Re: DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
by Michael Phillips on Dec 10, 2014 at 3:39:23 pm

It still won't work as there is no common field of metadata for it to relink on. Embedded uses an 8 character representation of the complete filename to stay within CMX 3800 EDL specifications and other legacy workflows. But Media Composer has yet (many many requests) to support embedded REEL directly from the QuickTime wrapper when AMA linking.

So in this scenario you have 8 characters in TAPE and the full file name in Source File and never the twin shall meet.

Your options:

1. Retranscode your dailies using clip name rather than embedded.

2. Export an ALE of your resolve session which "should" contain the 8 character REEL somewhere (I need to confirm) and with a bit of txt editing, merge that info back into your DNxHD 36 clips, then you have a column with that 8 character REEL ID which can be used in the relink process.

3. If you still have access to the original folder structure from the camera, and if enabled, there are two metadata files, one in XML and the other is ALE. The ALE has both entire filename and 8 character version that can be merged into your dailies.

I really wish Avid would just support embedded EEL metadata when AMA linking - would make life so much easier for so many people.


Re: DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
by Troy Williams on Dec 11, 2014 at 3:53:15 am

I tried some of your steps, Michael, but actually the solution turned out to be pretty simple.

The steps I had taken as well as my DaVinci settings seemed to be okay, all I needed to do was to add the tape name to the footage in my AMA Imported bin. Interesting how the correct tape name made it to the DaVinci footage but was blank on the footage brought in via AMA.

Step 3b) Highlight the AMA footage, right-click and select "Modify", choose "Set Source", and choose the tape name.

...unless doing it this way will somehow mess something up later down the road?

Re: DaVinci Resolve to Avid to AMA Relink
by Michael Phillips on Dec 11, 2014 at 2:36:47 pm

That can work, but personally I am not a fan of a source having both... may just be personal preference. I could never get a clear answer out of Avid whether this was a recommended method either, but it seems to work. BWF via AMA link end up with Tape, Source File, and TapeID...

The DaVinci footage always embeds whatever REEL is set to into the TAPE field because that is how Avid'd SDK for third parties work. Currently only MC can populate the Source File column when AMA linking or importing.

Since v6.5 you could relink between Tape and Source File, and in v7 you can set up a relink between most any column as long as the values were the same.

In your scenario, you had to apply the existing TAPE name from the offline on a per clip basis, but can be a tedious for a lot of clips. But depending on number of clips, it's manageable, so good for you.

I always ensure when using file formats that have 8 character embedded REEL like BMD cameras, Alexa ProRes, Red R3D, and such that when processing in DaVInci, I export the ALE and merge into my offline dailies to have both the original filename and the embedded REEL. That way later in an AMA conform, I have everything I need to do a relink based on any value.


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