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Avid 30 fps to 24 fps
Avid 30 fps to 24 fps
by Ryan Connors on Sep 29, 2014 at 9:40:51 pm

I have footsge mistakenly shot in 30 fps for a 24 fps project. How do I make avid not apply the time warp effect, it looks choppy and pretty bad when it does. I've tried importing from a separate 30 fps project and no luck. Avid 5.5

Re: Avid 30 fps to 24 fps
by Shane Ross on Sep 29, 2014 at 10:53:38 pm

If you put any frame rate footage into the timeline that doesn't match the project settings, you'll get that green dot indicating it's a different frame rate. it won't be a Time Warp unless you promote it. But that is the best way to mix frame rates in Avid...import in a 30fps project, bring the bin into a 23.98 project, and cut.

It will look a little choppy...after all, it wasn't shot with conversion to 24 in mind. It wasn't shot with 2/3 pulldown..it was meant to be 30fps. So it won't EXACTLY match the 24fps stuff. The only way to get really close in that respect is to use a Terranex to convert the footage...or to use After Effects voodoo.

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