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Roundtripping in MC6
Roundtripping in MC6
by Chip Hess on Jul 15, 2013 at 2:48:32 pm

I posted this last week to the Avid forums,
but got little response.
So here is a repost -

I have been working at home, now it is time to move that work back onto the Avid here at work. Project originated at work, and took it home to develop.

I used Media Database Viewer to move all MXF onto an external drive to take home.
So I copied that and the Project folder(s).
All work was done off that drive. These were created as external projects,
so Projects folders and Avid Media folders were on same drive.

This mirrors how the system was set up at work, it was inherited.
I figured keeping the same workflow and file mapping
was the path of least resistance.

How do I go about this ...?

I imagine overwriting old corresponding project folders with new.
Question comes with moving MXF media back to the original drive.
I am guessing I target the original MXF folder,
but certainly do not want to corrupt other project media
in the same folders. That's my concern.
Nothing in that media has really changed though, except
for renders.

Also, do the render files reside alongside original MXF media files,
in the same folders?
I had a problem remembering to reset media creation/renders when moving back and forth,
but figured that one out by trial and error. "Apply to All"
was the savior ;-)

I know people work like this all the time,
just wondering what 'best practice'
might be - to avoid over-complicating,
but also not really futzing up the works.

Any direction is most appreciated!

Re: Roundtripping in MC6
by Michael Phillips on Jul 15, 2013 at 8:43:45 pm

Unless there is new media, there is no need to bring any media back. Anything rendered can be rendered again back on the original station. I would just make new bins from the work you've done on the second station, copy them to the original project (with MC not running) and then launch project, open bins, and all media relinks. Render as needed.

If you added new camera originals on second station, then just bring those over to the first station and copy them to one of the numbered folders in the Avid MediaFiles/MXF/ folder structure.


Re: Roundtripping in MC6
by Job ter Burg on Jul 15, 2013 at 9:07:30 pm

Here's what I do (sort of):

Main system is my studio system. Laptop at home or on the road.

Main system has all mediafiles and the project.
On the Media drive on my Main System, I rename the '1' folder to '11' (or another higher number).
I then clone the Avid MediaFiles folder on the Media drive of my Main System onto a portable drive.
I then copy the Project folder to the portable drive.

Then I hook up the portable drive to my laptop. Copy the Project folder to my local drive.
I create a new folder in the Project window, labeled '_HOME'. Inside, I place bins with new cuts I make on the laptop.
Any newly created media (imports, renders) will automatically be placed on the portable drive in /Avid MediaFiles/1/ (automatically created).

When done, I copy the '_HOME' folder to the portable drive.
I take the portable drive back to to the Main system in the studio.
I copy the '1' folder from the portable drive to the Main system's Media Drive (you could rename it 901 to make sure it stays unique).
I copy the '_HOME' folder to the Project Folder.

I launch MC, and now have a '_HOME' folder with the bins with the new cuts.
MC will find any newly created media in that new '1' folder. No need to relink anything.

You could also use synchronization applications to sync the media between the MediaFiles folders, but this is a quick way to make sure you know wherever any new media lives.

Re: Roundtripping in MC6
by Chip Hess on Jul 15, 2013 at 11:22:37 pm


Good options here, thanks very, very much!

Re: Roundtripping in MC6
by Chip Hess on Jul 22, 2013 at 2:56:10 pm

I have successfuly moved the project back to the work system.
I have a few titles showing offline, I am guessing this was new title media created.

Do I just use MDV to copy whatever new MXF files were created for titles onto the work system?

Other than that it worked great!

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