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stereo to mono help
stereo to mono help
by Dan Newton on Aug 23, 2009 at 7:18:28 am


I have a small doubt --- some tv stations require the audio to be MONO ....

now on Avid Media Composer ---- how do i change the audio from stereo to mono ---- could some tell me step by step --- really need your help

and once i change it from stereo to mono --- if if put it on a digi beta will the audio be mono, as well??

please help

Re: stereo to mono help
by Job ter Burg on Aug 23, 2009 at 7:51:07 am

Multiple ways to Rome.

Simplest solution: in the Audio Project Settings, under Output, toggle the "Stereo" button until it becomes "Mono". Done.

From your 2-track output you will now get two identical tracks, without any stereo imaging. So ch1=full mono mix & ch2=full mono mix.

If you hook your audio outputs to a deck, this mono signal will be sent to the deck.

You could also remain in Stereo Out, but then you would need to center pan on all clips in the timeline. Select the tracks you need to "mono-ize", open the audio mixer, gang all tracks (the green tape icon), set the pan to center on one track (will be applied to all ganged tracks), then from the hamburger menu choose "set pan globally".

One caveat: many, but not all stereo tracks are fully mono compatible. The stereo mix would have to have been checked with a correlation meter, in order to determine possible phase cancellation issues when remixed to mono.

Re: stereo to mono help
by grinner hester on Aug 23, 2009 at 5:18:36 pm

I'd do it on the timeline by panning tracks to the middle and remixing as needed. This way I can spit everything out without changing output settings, possibly bagging myself the next time I output. Ilike to keep that stuff as is all the time. My timelines are what vary.

Re: stereo to mono help
by Job ter Burg on Aug 23, 2009 at 5:35:25 pm

Which does not help if your next job requires you to do a 4-channel playout, ch1=dialogue stem ch2=voice over stem ch3= music L ch4=music R, for instance.

Again, that's why in the other thread I was stating that it all depends on what you think is "normal" or what your default modus operandi is.

Mine is Direct Out to a Yamaha 01V mixer. From there I can pan/route/EQ/bus/Compress several elements in a more flexible way. As said YMMV.

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