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Text Substitution File
Text Substitution File
by Chris Comley on Aug 21, 2013 at 5:11:17 pm

So I recently figured out how to use this. But, I'm running into one problem.

Quick back story, I work for a TV station and I need to create little 5 second animations of just text flying in. The text is of two high school football teams that are playing against each other. I need to create about 40 of these a week. So I make 40 different comps, each with a 3D Invigorator Pro text layer that I have rigged up to pull from an external text file.

Initial renders work perfectly.

But then when I close out of After Effects (saving it of course), then changing the team names in the text file and reopening After Effects, none of the 3D Text layers updated to the new teams. They still show the old teams that I originally had.

The only way to update then is to go back into the 3D Invigorator Pro plugin and relink it up to the text file.

Is there anyway to have the 3D Invigorator Pro text layer automatically update when I reopen After Effects?


Re: Text Substitution File
by Edward Wu on Aug 22, 2013 at 10:18:07 pm

Hi Chris,

The text data is actually saved into the project file, which is why it does not update when you make changes to the text file. You Thanks for pointing that out to us. We will look into this and add this as something to change for future versions.