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Am I getting the right version?
Am I getting the right version?
by Mark Suszko on Jul 14, 2011 at 3:08:29 pm

We're about to get a copy or three of Zaxwerks Pro Animator FX for FCP and Motion. I had actually spec'd the version for mac that Digital Juice was selling a whioe back at a discount, but procurement moves very slowly at work, and I'm pretty sure that blow-out version is gone by now. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see the FX-plug version for FCP and Motion, but I was just wondering if I'm missing anything in getting that version, that I would have gotten in one of the stand-alone mac versions of Pro Animator?

While the other editors here would use it almost exclusively for slinging around 3-d type with the canned animation paths, I'm the oddball in the group that likes to push the limits a little bit more.:-) I want to be able to play with imported models and extruded .ai oobects I might make in photoshop, to do things like set extensions and virtual sets and digital matte painting kind of stuff. Does this FX-plug version for FCP/Motion still let me do those things, or should I be ordering a different version? We don't have AfterEffects here, only Photoshop.

Re: Am I getting the right version?
by Edward Wu on Jul 14, 2011 at 8:33:44 pm

Hi Mark,

ProAnimator version 5 was released recently. This version contains many new features such as customizable workspaces, an integrated drawing window, noise & gradient shaders, object deformations, and more!

Currently, ProAnimator FX is at version 4.9.1 and does not yet contain the new features that are in ProAnimator 5. We are working on a conversion to get ProAnimator FX working in Motion 5. Once that version is released, it will contain all the new features of ProAnimator 5.

Aside from the new features, you won't be missing anything from the standalone version. You'll still be able to create virtual sets, and other types of effects from the standalone version.

Hope this helps.