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Wrapping texture mapping around an object
Wrapping texture mapping around an object
by Mike Schmitt on Mar 26, 2011 at 11:35:45 pm

Hi there, I'm now playing with the magic of texture mapping...
It's working great, but I'm having trouble getting the map to sit properly on the side of the object.

Attached is an image of an "H" with the sides set the same as the face and an "O" with the side turned 90 degrees. They both turn out the same way; sideways.

Is there a way to make the texture map sit correctly on the sides as it does in the front?



Re: Wrapping texture mapping around an object
by Fernando Mol on Mar 28, 2011 at 4:22:20 pm

You can tweak the size and position of the texture map if you assign it as a Layer Map.

-In AE add your texture as a Layer and precomposite it.
-Choose your layer as a Layer Map in the Invigorator properties.
-Create a new material for your bevel and assign the Layer Map to it.

Now you can modify your precomp rotating, changing dimensions, colors, etc. and your bevel will update.

Assign the Layer Map is kind of hidden. To define it you need to do it in the Invigorator Effects Controls panel in AE. To assign the Layer Map to a texture you need to create a new material inside Invigorator interface, add a new shader to the color of the shade, then select your Layer Map in the shader type drop down menu.

I hope this helps

Re: Wrapping texture mapping around an object
by Edward Wu on Mar 29, 2011 at 4:22:09 pm

Hi Mike,

In version 5, we now have new Mapping Techniques you can apply. To do this apply a material on your object. Then, go to the Material Docks panel and click the material. You will see different controls appear under the material docks. Open the Mapping drop down menu to select a different mapping technique.