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Text W/ Alpha Channel
Text W/ Alpha Channel
by Peders on May 26, 2006 at 10:04:08 am

I have seen the earlier post about this problem !
I simply dont get it either with this rendering/alpha chanel, if i choose render frame, go to filemenu - save picture i can chose betwen jpeg and tga, i choose tga and save image. (alpha chanel check box ARE marked). When i import image in to paintshop the bacground are black with zaxwerk watermark - no transperacy.I neither get the option to save in millions + colors, neither i cant find rgb color settings.
I only get optiondialog when i render movie, but not the plus options.
The only way i cant get some transperacy in some programs (from pro animator rendered files) is to make background white, but then image has some lost in white color and backgroundcolor shine throug.(in afterburner design or design pro)
I have never faced this problem with xara 3d 6, but it s pretty much limited compared to animator pro.
And i want to see stuff work right before wasteing my money buying it!

Is this isue because iam using demo or do my computer need some kind of codec?
Iam all new to imageediting!
Thanks in advance

Text W/ Alpha Channel
by Jon Okerstrom on May 30, 2006 at 4:57:02 am

Hi Peders,

The steps are pretty much as you have them. In ProAnimator, check the alpha channel box> Render Frame> Save Picture as.. choose pict or tga because both support alpha channels.

In both cases, when you view the image, the background will likely be black, unless you've chosen a different background color. Examine the available channels for the image and you'll see r, g, b and alpha. For the purpose of responding to yyour question, I examined both image files using Photoshop and it worked fine in both cases.

I suspect the issue is how or whether paintshop supports alpha channels. (I'm on a Mac, so I can't help you there.) I highly doubt that the fact that you're using a demo version prevents you from seeing the alpha channel.


Re: Text W/ Alpha Channel
by Peders on May 30, 2006 at 3:24:34 pm

I have rendered a image, loaded it painshop, the image info was RGB 8BIT
/CHANNEL 1 alpha channel, I exporteded it like PNG with alpha channel as tranperant, I can now import it in my cdlabel program (afterburner)and i get the transpercy " logo" on top of my background image.
Though it has the zaxwerk demo watermark; but it works !
Thankyou so kindly fore guiding and helping a newbie.