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by cw1on1 on Feb 14, 2006 at 5:07:49 pm

This sounds like a simple question but I'm having difficulty trying to figure it out. I'm using Zaxwerks Invigorator to create a race track. I made the file in Illustrator with the name of the track and also a checkered flag on it. When I imported it into After Effects neither the name or the flag showed up. Everything else works fine. I just can't get the name or the flag to show up. The only way I figured out to add these elements onto the track is to basically rotoscope the name and flag on there and don't have time to do that. Could someone help me out?


Re: Zaxwerks Invigorator
by Jon Okerstrom on Feb 14, 2006 at 7:18:03 pm

Hi CW,

Two things about your Illustrator file:

Convert any text to outlines.

Do not use any bit-mapped art in the Illustrator file. The flag shape needs to be vector-based. Invigorator likes filled solid shapes best.

Does this help?


PS... if you want a super-realistic flag, you might try 3D Flag. It's really cool.