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Invig and Lux
Invig and Lux
by Nidocamen on Feb 4, 2006 at 8:00:27 am

Is there anyone else who uses Invigorator and also Lux (from ? Lux is great because it creates the visualization of light sources in AE. My problem is that the Lux lights seem to shine right through Invig-created objects as if they were transparent. Regular 3D layers in AE work great and the objects behave as they should ....opaque by default. I have checked settings in both plugins and can't seem to make this work. Has anyone else run into this? Check out Lux at and download the demo to see what I mean. I really want to be able to use Invig and Lux together, but I am having this trouble.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

Thanks all!!


Re: Invig and Lux
by wiremu on Jun 19, 2006 at 3:25:26 am

yeah hi, i just tried it, and found that if you apply Lux to a solid above the Invigorator 3d layer and change that solid's layer mode to, add it seems to work...
does this help?