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Need advice for upgrading from data management to DIT kit
Need advice for upgrading from data management to DIT kit
by Dan Colins on Mar 2, 2014 at 8:01:34 am

I need advice on creating a better system to do DIT work. I want to progress from media management to DIT. This will be a slow process as I save money to buy gear and learn more. A DP I often work for is getting bigger jobs and wants me to grow with him and I want to grow and learn more too. Many jobs are on his Red Epic, but I want a kit that can handle

I want to be able to capture the footage live. I know vaguely of DITs capturing, but I don't know the nuances such as what software is common, are LUTs being applied live too? I've seen cameras hardwired to DIT, but is audio typically lined in to the DIT too or sent wirelessly?

I have a macbook pro, the DP I work for has a broadcast monitor with SDI I use, he also has a Red Rocket in expansion chassis.

I'm looking to purchases the AJA Io XT for capture input and a Raid array (advice on brands/models is appreciated). (Things like a leader monitor for scopes and my own monitor will be purchases further down the line). I'm aware I will need a mac pro as some point to keep progressing, but prefer to not spend too much right now.

With that listed above, is there anything I am blind to that I will need? What software is commonly used for capture?

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