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AJA T TAP with HP LP2480zx
AJA T TAP with HP LP2480zx
by Andres Garzas on Jul 27, 2014 at 10:31:03 pm

Hi There. Need some help
I forced my iMac with a GPU 780 4GB Mavericks last version to RGB and was pretty good following the link https://gist.github.com/SalGnt/6184421
and just bought a HP LP2480zx monitor with Color Calibration Solution.
Through a AJA T TAP no chance to calibrate but using thunderbolt adaptor I tried to calibrate but the software always crash, not many help by AJA, HP or APPLE... :)
I calibrated this monitor by a another laptop and seems work fine.
1. Do I need to worry about the color trough AJA? Is well calibrated?
2. Should the monitor keep my last calibration through my laptop?
3. Is there any chance to calibrate through AJA?
4. Any bad experience with HP Calibration solution or trouble?

Thank you all

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