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Ouch!!! -Video out stopped working
Ouch!!! -Video out stopped working
by Nick Griffin on Sep 4, 2013 at 6:45:02 pm

I was jumping back and forth between MC 6.5 and AfterEffects CS6 this morning and while in AE with MC still open in the background I got some kind of error message about a hardware conflict (I believe) which, in haste, I paid no attention to. When returning to MC, with AE quit, I'm no longer getting anything but black on my external Flanders HDSDI monitor. Not noise, but black.

I returned to AE and switched off its use of the external monitor. I re-booted. Nothing. I shut down for 5 minutes and re-booted. Still nothing. And I searched through the various MC settings to see what I could find, with no luck.

The output is through an AJA Kona 3. The video test pattern displays fine when the Avid is not in use. Otherwise its black. Media 100 Suite 2.2 also displays just fine on the monitor. I'm stumped and hoping that someone in this brilliant pasture can point me in the direction of a fix. Thanx in advance for any and all ideas.

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