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Best configuration with aja kona Ls
Best configuration with aja kona Ls
by nicolas olmedo on Sep 10, 2009 at 2:58:56 pm

Hi there, i just arrive to work in an advertaisming agency (sorry for my english) and i'm using a aja kona ls, but i think the guy before me just leave me a mess. I'm using a deck sonny dvw 500 digital beta sdi. And i would like to know wich configuration in fcp i sould use to have the best capture quality, i think i don't have alla de kona's codecs instaled in my machine, for instance, i can read de animation codec of quicktime be cause i don't have such codec instaled... weird.

Then every time i capture with kona 8 bits and i think is the best option i note that in the propieties of my captured media i see that the velosity tranmition is only 3,2 m/s and le size of mi file its veri light, 3,2 m/s it's the same tranmition velocity than Dv codec, i just want to know the right configuration for aja kona uncompress 8 or 10 bits and wich it will be it's tranmition velocity if i properly capture in uncompress. i imagine that must be much higer than 3,2 m/s

Somebody please.


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