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Up res digibeta to dvcpro hd on Kona LHe?
Up res digibeta to dvcpro hd on Kona LHe?
by Alex Bluffield on Jun 8, 2009 at 8:56:48 am

To give you the context - the project in FCP is dvcpro hd 720p 25n from footage shot on Panasonic P2 card. Archive footage is on digibeta (telecined from film) PAL 25fps and needs to be brought into dvcpro hd project.

I attempted to do a hardware conversion to dvcpro hd on Mac with Kona LHe card. Chose capture preset as dvcpro hd 720p 25. The Kona settings read SD IN: 625i Frame buffer (& primary format): 720p 50
I also went into the control panel and there was no 720p 25 option under formats. When I hit play with these settings there was green scrambled vid playing in l+c window in final cut. In the end I captured the digibeta as SD uncompressed. I'm still convinced I could have done conversion thru the Kona although an engineer told me that it couldn't do it on the fly. However, the AJA manual states "KONA LH can capture uncompressed from any input, directly to DVCPRO HD media." Hmmm! So what am I missing here guys? Was the engineer right or is AJA's manual misleading me??

Alex Bluffield
Final Cut Pro Editor
W: http://www.a2bpostproduction.co.uk

Re: Up res digibeta to dvcpro hd on Kona LHe?
by Alan Okey on Jun 8, 2009 at 7:07:11 pm

The Kona LHe does not have hardware upconversion capability. For that, you need the Kona LHi or Kona 3.

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