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sata 3 comment
sata 3 comment
by Neil Hurwitz on Jun 14, 2010 at 12:24:33 am

Hi Bob,
I'd be interested in your comments to the review linked below

Neil Hurwitz

Re: sata 3 comment
by Bob Zelin on Jun 15, 2010 at 2:48:35 am

What the hell do I know ? I was told by ATTO Technology that the ATTO R680 (the 6 Gig SAS/SATA host controller card) with 16 SAS drives will do 2200MB/sec, which is 3 times as fast as anything on the market today. They had not tested ANY 6 Gig SATA drives yet, but they assumed that it would perform the same way. I have not had any 6 Gig SATA drives in my hand, and both SAS and SSD drives are just too expensive (people bitch about the price of a SATA raid array, least not a SAS or SSD array !).

As for Seagate, as you know, we both have used Seagate only since the
early days of AVID. But within the last 2 years, Seagate (like many big companies) has turned to doo doo, and their reliablity has been terrible. Now, maybe this new series of drives is teriffic, and it's like the old Seagate, but I have gotten screwed so many times, that until people "that know a lot more than I do " tell me that Seagate is safe to go back to, I am sticking with Hitachi enterprise series drives (and no, there are no 6 Gig drives from this series that I have seen).

Realistically, you won't see this stuff until end of 2010, or early 2011. We were supposed to get the ATTO card for testing, but it's still not out yet - and without reliable 6 Gig SATA drives, it really means nothing anyway.

As you well know, COST IS EVERYTHING, and no one that I know will pay over 15 - 20 grand for a drive array, unless it comes with clients attached to it.

Bob Zelin