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Stuck with last decade's transfer speeds. Why?
Stuck with last decade's transfer speeds. Why?
by Gates Bradley on Mar 19, 2019 at 6:09:52 am

Hey guys. This is just a general question about file transfer speeds that has been bugging me for a long time. Basically, no matter how fast the specs of my media storage is, when I have to do big file transfers, everything, regardless of format/media/tech/what have you, tops out at relatively slow speeds vs what storage media is capable of these days.

If it's an HDD it's 120MB/sec (max). Aren't 7200 rpm hard drives supposed to max out closer to 200MB/sec? Am I wrong about that?

I have CFAST 2.0 cards as well (Lexar 3500x). 128GB apiece. Read speeds top out at 525MB/sec. Even if I transfer it to my Mac Pro (which has a write speed of roughly 800MB/sec per a test with Blackmagic Disk Speed Test), I still only get about 200GB/sec. Why is it that all my media, regardless, seems mired in slower speeds? Is this normal for you all as well?

I know there are always other variables – how full an HDD is, do I have a good card reader, etc. My CFAST reader is a solid brand, and on clean HDDs things still top out at about 120MB/sec.

Anway, it's aggravating and I wondered if anyone ever actually got to enjoy the blazing speed of today's media formats, or if you are here suffering with me, and if so, if there was more than meets the eye to even a seasoned techie such as myself knows.

Til then I'll be dreaming of that Thunderbolt 3 NAND Flash RAID enclosure in the sky...