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Ethernet data transert between two Mac
Ethernet data transert between two Mac
by Riccardo Sabadin on Mar 11, 2019 at 10:31:16 am

Hallo to Everyone

Hope someone can help me with an annoyng issue:
I have a small office of video editing with my collegue: we have a Mac Pro late 2013 and a iMac 5K retina and we use a MacPro 1,1 as server for data storage. the connection is via ethernet and we can work perfectly in full hd and 4k etc with the data contained in our "server". the weird problem comes as we transfer a queue of video files from our working stations to the server. for example: i connect my sd card to the Imac and I want to trasfer the data (let'say 20 GB of videos) to the server: at a certain point the connection fails an the process is interrupted. the same happens (this is worse) when in Premiere/media encoder i start a queue for creating proxies: the process starts and after a while the server disconnect, the icon disappear, the encoder freezes and I have to restart the mac-pro-server.
I thougt it was an ethernet swithc issue and I try to connect directly one workstation to the mac-pro-server, same problem: even with a direct connection: the connection fails and everything freezes. Anyone have any idea? thanks in advance