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Media encoded from .MTS to .mp4 artifacting badly
Media encoded from .MTS to .mp4 artifacting badly
by Mike Giannaccio on Jun 2, 2014 at 4:18:40 pm

Hey everyone,

All of the sudden I am getting the problem of terrible artifacting when encoding out of Premiere via Media Encoder. All the footage I have shot is in the AVCHD .MTS format and being compressed to H.264 .mp4. I wasn't having this problem a couple of weeks ago then bam all of the sudden everything looks like garbage. If I encode to a .mov wrapper using H.264 there is no problem. Any ideas on what this might be?


Re: Media encoded from .MTS to .mp4 artifacting badly
by Ryan Holmes on Jun 3, 2014 at 1:46:13 pm

What are your settings in AME? Data rate, resolution, key frame distance, etc.

What type of footage is it - sports, concert, talking head, etc.? Sometimes you need to treat different types of footage differently in the encoder by changing settings. For example, sports can be very demanding changing radically from scene to scene. A talking head though, is pretty static frame to frame and doesn't necessarily demand as high data rate or as short a key frame distance.

Ryan Holmes