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Multiple frame rates, and export issues
Multiple frame rates, and export issues
by Ori Kuper on Mar 15, 2014 at 5:15:46 pm

*All '60fps' and '24fps' in this post referring to actual '59.94' and '23.976'. project done via PP, AE, back to PP and render via Media Encoder*

I'm trying to put a video together, and i'm having trouble with the 'end render', but I'm not sure what causes the problems, in the timeline specifications and or the render specs. Any info would help:

I have 2 sources of footage:
A. 1080P 60fps MTS files from a sony camcorder (PJ540)
B. 720P 24fps RAW files from Canon (60D) with ML, which would be converted to DNG sequences in AE and then brought back to my timeline in PP as 24fps (unless you'll tell me to do something different).

I started editing on a 60 fps timeline. I thought it's better to just edit it all as 60fps, and then move everything onto a 24fps timeline at the end, and render it out as 24fps. From what I understand, I prefer to 'kill' some of the frames of the 60P footage and get a 24fps (not really) look, than to get jittery look on the 24fps raw while it's being exported as 60 or 30fps.

Here are my questions:
1. Am i doing the right thing? is it really necessary to go to the 'lowest' of my fps footage for my export? or is there a CLEAN way to put a 24fps on a 60fps or 30fps timeline and export w/o getting choppy/jittery export?

2. I rendered part of the timeline just to check stuff out, and I ended up getting different results, but I don't understand why i got them. Maybe you can tell me what I'm missing here:

Render test 1:
60fps footage, on a 60fps timeline, exporting to a 30 fps progressive H.264 quicktime MOV file:
shows all as real time (as was on the timeline) but created noticeable 'in between' frames (shown in playback AND when paused), almost as if it was interlaced stuff... progressive materials, rendered to progressive export - shouldn't look all clean? Is the 60fps bringing a problem here and the exporter don't know what to do with that 'extra' material so it shows it half and half on every frame?

Render test 2:
60fps footage, on a 60fps timeline, exporting to a 60 fps progressive H.264 quicktime MOV file:
rendered all very clean, but as if it was in slow-mo. WHY is it in slow-mo? Since it was all 60P, i expected it to show as real speed...

Thanks in advance! Ori.