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Converting a PAL Video
Converting a PAL Video
by Ed Hecht on Apr 23, 2013 at 11:08:54 pm

Not even sure if this is absolutely a PAL video. But it came to me from the UK with these specs (per GSpot):
Format: AVI
Codec: CRAM/Microsoft Video 1
Dimensions: 1264x944
Frame rate: 50 fps
It's a crystal clear motion screen capture (software demo) using something other than Camtasia (as the OS in the demo is not Windows or Mac-likely Linux). My task is to convert it to a more web-friendly format (i.e. mp4/h.264) for inserting into a Wordpress post. I have tried many combinations of frame rates, de-flicker functions, de-interlace, (NOT changing the dimensions at all)etc in Premiere pro CS5 to no avail. All encoded files end up with flickering and cursor ghosting. Any ideas? I'm sure there's some combination of filters/treatments I have missed. Thanks in advance!