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AME, Exporting and Importing multiple presets with map structure
AME, Exporting and Importing multiple presets with map structure
by Auke Kroese on Dec 12, 2018 at 9:24:46 am

Hey Creative Cows!

I work for a company that has 70+ Locations of LED-screens. All the screens have different resolutions, bitrates, fps, etc.
Now I made a list with presets and ingest settings for each screen(combined more then 150 presets.)
Automatic renaming and export to location etc, Al these are 3 different files for each screen with map structures. For me it works perfectly.

But now I want to share it with my colleagues. But when I export all of them to a location I lose all my map structure and each ingest settings lose the connecting with the rename/exportlocation and the preset itself. To fix this I have to manually connect each of them again.(this takes up a lot of time, because i have to share it with 6 more people)

Is there a way to export/import all the presets/ingest to get the whole map structure inside AME and all the connections automatic?

Bonus question: Is there a way if I make a change in one of those presets/ingest that automatic change by my colleagues?

I hope u guys understand my questions, excuse me for my lack of english grammar (Not my native language).


Auke Kroese