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Merge/Passthrough Audio with Video?
Merge/Passthrough Audio with Video?
by Weston Jones on Apr 24, 2018 at 7:10:58 pm

This isn't about help with Media Encoder per se, as I'm nearly certain it's something I can not do with Media Encoder, but hoping others here have same issue:

Since Adobe's drop of Dolby Support, (AH HEM!), I am unable to export an MP4 with a 5.1 surround AC3 file.

I have my video file as a ProRes master, and can encode it to an MP4 or anything else. I have a sound file from my sound designer encoded as a working AC3. I just need to combine the two files. How can I do this? Is there other software out there that just combines/passthrough's A/V tracks as one file, without encoding?

I also have a the mix as a WAV file with the mono surround stems, but I'm guessing this isn't helpful as it would need to be encoded. I tried encoding to an Mp4 from a ProRes file with the WAV file attached, using HANDBRAKE, but this did not yield a working surround file when I played it back.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Re: Merge/Passthrough Audio with Video?
by Weston Jones on Apr 25, 2018 at 4:04:45 am

I was able to do exactly what I needed using the free software SUBLER:, by muxing an MP4 from adobe media encoder with the AC3 from my sound designer.

Looks like this software will do the same for windows: