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Merged ProRes clips to individual exported ProRes clips SLOW?
Merged ProRes clips to individual exported ProRes clips SLOW?
by David Parke on Sep 30, 2015 at 8:04:38 am

FCP7 used to export ProRes clips to ProRes encoded media in seconds. I merged some clips for a client in Premiere and am exporting them to merged ProRes files for them to take home and cut with the clean audio. I anticipated the initial clips to take a while going from the A7S clips to ProRes but once they were ProRes, I figured all would be easy-going from there. Seems it's taking just as long to go ProRes 1920x1080 29.976 to ProRes 1920x1080 29.976 as it did going from the A7S .mp4 files to ProRes 1920x1080 29.976.

I just don't get why it's not the same process FCP7 would do. If it weren't so late, I would stop it, export an XML, import it to FCP7, and batch export from there. But I have all night so I'll let it go the 3 hours it'll probably take based upon my original encode. But moral is -- what gives? Would love to know what I may be missing.

TL;DR: A7S to ProRes 422 1080p 29.976 to merged ProRes 422 1080p 29.976 taking FOREVER. Codecs, Frame Sizes and rates match. What gives?

David Parke