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Adobe AME CS6 Won't Launch
Adobe AME CS6 Won't Launch
by Tony TerBorg on Dec 10, 2014 at 8:13:14 am

I upgraded from CS5.5 to CS6 Creative and all programs work but AME. When trying to launch I get a spinning activity icon for a second and then nothing. No processes start and it does not launch. I have tried the following:
1.Opening as Admin
2.Using a different User profile
3.Trashing all preferences
4.Deleting Adobe User xml files
5.Launching from Premiere, launching independently with Premiere running and with Premiere closed
6.Copying the AME folder to a different drive. Renaming the old and putting the copied folder back into place (something that was suggested on a thread)
7.Uninstalling and re-installing (twice with a CS cleaner tool each time)

I am able to encode from Premiere but not to queue.
I am running Window 7 Premium on a 64bit on an Intel 2.7ghz i7 Quad Core with 9gig of RAM. Again no issues with other programs in suite.
Any help or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.