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external storage solution
external storage solution
by sehewitt on Dec 16, 2004 at 3:24:34 am

First of all, I know nothing.

What I have:
Dell 420 Precison Workstation, PIII - 1000 MHz
w/ (2) 18 gb striped ultra 160 scsi hd,36 gb ttl for A/V drive
& (1) 9 gb ultra 160 scsi hd for system drive
& 2 channel scsi controller (adaptec AIC-7899) - secondary channel only has 40 Mb/s through-put (external 68 pin scsi connector is secondary channel)
* (1) of the PCI slots has port extension that supports RAID card

What I need:
External Raid ≈ 500 gb (prefer SCSI drives but will consider firewire 800, not price sensitive)

(1) may change to Mac platform in future, so must be compatible
(2) very fast throughput

Based on the above info, what is the best external storage solution for me and what do I need to make it happen (controllers, PCI Raid cards, cables, etc...)

Again, I'm not price sensitive but I prefer to get a lot of bang for my buck. Thanks to all who respond, it's communities like this that add so much value to the internet. Cheers!

Re: external storage solution
by Gary Bettan on Dec 16, 2004 at 6:05:06 pm

Get a G-Tech G-Raid and a firewire 800 card. Edit away. Mac or PC.

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