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Video editing computer build
Video editing computer build
by kitteld1 on Feb 13, 2009 at 11:06:14 pm

Im a new guy to this website and looking for some advice.

I recently got kind of addicted to video editing. Ive been playing around with Studio 12 Ulitmate on my laptop and having great success, but theres only so much I can do with a laptop. SO..... I want to build a new computer with video editing in mind. Im not a gamer and probably wont bother with over clocking. I've built one computer about four years ago and so Im not totaly new, but still very green. I love new tech. but dont see any reason to pay twice as much for unoticable results. I do intend to work with HD.

Here is the build I have in mind:

Case: Antec 1200
Power: Antec 850W Sig. Ser. Bronze
MOBO: 1st Option-Asus P6T Deluxe
2nd Option-Gigabyte GA EX58-UD5
CPU: I7 920
GPU: Saphire Radion 4870 1G 256 bit GDDR5
RAM: 1st Option- Kingston Hyperx DDR3 2000 (PC-3 16000)
2nd Option- Corsair Dominator (3x2GB) DDR3 1600 (PC-3 12800)
OS: Window Vista Ulitmate 64 bit
OS Drive: 2 WD Velociraptors 10k rpm 150G RAID 0
Monitor: Dell 24 inch Ultra Sharp

Along with a Samsung drive, Noctua CPU cooler, and the other bits and pieces. I know I will also need another drive for video storage, but right now I am thinking more about the comuter itself.

I would love any thoughts and suggestions.

Re: Video editing computer build
by Jcschild on Feb 14, 2009 at 7:03:46 pm

NEVER nevr run your OS drive in raid anything. other than Raid 5 with an expensive controller.

unless you intend to image it daily to an ext back up.

completely pointless anyway. as no video data should exist on it.
you want a fast boot time use 1 velociraptor or an Intel X25 SSD.


Re: Video editing computer build
by kitteld1 on Feb 15, 2009 at 3:24:43 pm

thanks for the reply. My first thought was that if I only ran the OS on a RAID 0, it wouldnt matter so much if a drive failed because all I would loose is the OS and a few other programs I could reinstall, but Im hearing and reading thats faulty thinking.

Regarding RAM, I was leaning towards Kingston HyperX or Corsair Dominator, but since I dont think I will be overclocking, Im thinking I dont need anyting more than Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333 (PC-3 12800). I save about $55, but is it worth the savings? Ive always heard RAM is not the place to shortcut.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Re: Video editing computer build
by Evan Newsome on Feb 15, 2009 at 6:12:52 pm

sorry for my 2 cents.
It looks like you are building a gamer/overclocker system.

PS: I think a 650-750W should be plenty
CASE: the Antec 1200 is a nice case. I just picked up a Cooler Master 690 for about half the price of the antec 1200, I like the way the Cooler Master mounts the HDDs. If you're looking to spend $180 on a case take a peek @ Cooler Master Storm Sniper.
MOBO: I like the gigabyte. More SATA ports. I just got the UD4P and it's about $50 cheaper than the UD5. plus external eSATA with power connections. So think about it, since they are about identical.
CPU: thumbs up (stock cooler is fine if your not going to overclock just take off the Manufacture's paste and put on good paste that covers the whole cooler's surface.- don't put too much though!)
RAM: I think you're buying overclocking gamer's RAM. I bought the next step down RAM. 6GB kit corsair TR3X6G1600C9 for $150 and I have a 7.5 rating from Windows. (the CPU is getting a 7.4 rating -not overclocked). And its is wayyyy cheaper than the memory you are planning on buying. yeah it is important to buy good memory, but not the 'best'. just stay away from word like generic or house brand.
OS: thumbs up- if your NLE program is 64 bit freindly
HDD: has been covered already=1 drive. (to everyone that reads this--Make sure your drives are 7200 or higher-- samsung has a 1TB drive that is 5400. :shockSmile
Monitor: thumbs up. i think people said: at one time the dell is a rebadged samsung. (not sure if that is still true)

Re: Video editing computer build
by kitteld1 on Feb 15, 2009 at 7:41:05 pm

Thank you for the 2 cents. The reason I was leaning towards the Antec 1200 with 850W power supply was because it comes with a $50 combo discount plus I got the case with a $45 discount and the PSU with another $45 discount. I already purchased these because it seeemed like a good deal and if I ever wanted to SLI, I could use the extra power.

As I learn more Im finding out what your saying about the RAM. I just clicked the purchase button on the corsair 1333.

I also went with the Gigabyte GA EX58 UD4P. It was $60 cheaper than Asus and I dont think I will need the difference for video editing.

Any thoughts on Asus monitors? I know view sonic and Samsung are good. Dell seems overpriced to me.