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New Kit Old Problem
New Kit Old Problem
by TimB48 on Jun 26, 2008 at 11:13:28 am

Not sure if I am posting in the right forum but you have to start somewhere. I have just built a new PC to replace my old editing PC. Spec is as follows:

Abit IP-35 Pro motherboard
Processor Intel Quad Core Q9450 2.66 GHz
320GB Samsung Spinright SATA HDD
4Gb DDR 200 Ram
Nvidia Quadro 570 PNY graphics card.
Pinnacle Pro-One RTDV card.
Sound is Realtek on board.
Screen Res 1024 x 768 32bit
Adobe Premier 6 no updates
Windows XP Pro SP3.

Everything appears OK until you try video capture. Capture time is seen elapsing but capture screen is grayed out. As you close this screen you get a quick glimpse of the captured video. ( Capture was firewire direct to pinnacle from Sony 9000E).
This maybe a hardware issue but could also be an Adobe settings issue. Tried many possibilities but as yet no success.
Also if you try dragging captured footage to timeline it sometimes does not play.
It may be that the pinnacle card is just not up to scratch with new kit but I don't want to spend another 500 quid without having exhausted all the possibilities.

Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.

Re: New Kit Old Problem
by Gary Bettan on Jun 27, 2008 at 6:12:16 pm

What happens sometimes is you try to run old hardware & softwreon a new computer with the latest technology and trouble creeps in.

Not sure if you realize this, but the latest version of Premiere Pro CS3 running on a quad core will outperform the old Pro-One hardware on every level. Including real-time effects. If you love the 3D transitions and need them in real-time, check out a Matrox RT.X2 LE card.