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menu buttons not working on burned dvd
menu buttons not working on burned dvd
by jef jaeger on Jan 27, 2008 at 1:22:13 am

I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 on a computer running Windows XP Home Edition. I finished my first dvd project, checked all the functions, and proceeded to burn to a folder. I dragged the VIDEO_TS folder into the target area, and proceeded to burn the disc. The menu comes up on the tv screen, but the 'play movie' and 'scene selection' buttons will not highlight or activate their designated functions. If i press enter on the remote, the movie will start as if I had pushed the start button on the menu...and it works fine. the scene markers also function properly. Back on the menu - if i press the up arrow key a few times and then hit enter, the scene menu will come up and I can arrow through all of the scenes...except the main menu button, which will not function. I press enter, and the movie starts, never having revisited the menu.

The main question...any ideas on how to get functioning buttons on the menu screen?
Secondary question - I am burning with Nero - the "Start Smart Essentials' version (the free one that comes with the burner). I am using the 'burn image to disc in the DVD video section. The 'make your own dvd-video' section doesn't open in this version. Could this be the problem?
A third question - The second folder in the dvd project entitled OpenDVD/Sources has a .vob file in it that won't copy into the target box for burning...could that file have anything to do with missing fuctions?

Thanks for any advice available...