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How is FCP X for stability and phone support?
How is FCP X for stability and phone support?
by Robert Withers on May 20, 2020 at 3:23:27 am

Hi all,
I switched from FCP7 to Premiere a few years ago and it worked OK except Adobe rewrites the software every few months and doesn't support the version I've been using.
How is FCP X for stability? Is there an option for phone support?
I would think about Avid but it doesn't run on Catalina yet.

Robert Withers

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Re: How is FCP X for stability and phone support?
by Brad Hurley on May 20, 2020 at 3:47:44 pm

I have never experienced a crash in FCPX; maybe I'm just lucky but based on reports I've seen it's very stable. Dunno about phone support; I hardly ever use phone support for any software and have called Apple exactly once since 1987.

Best advice for starting out with FCPX is to buy Ripple Training's Final Cut Pro Core Training tutorial. The biggest learning curves coming from another NLE are the metadata-based workflow, layers instead of tracks, and the magnetic timeline. Once you understand the paradigm and how it works, it's incredibly efficient and liberating; in editing I find it helps me be more creative, test more ideas, and focus more on the story.

The color grading tools have gotten much better in the past couple of years, and audio editing and sweetening are pretty sophisticated although the lack of a mixer can be frustrating.

If you want to stick to a traditional track-based workflow, DaVinci Resolve would be a good choice; it's not very stable on Windows compared with Mac, but it has rarely crashed on my Mac. You do need a high-spec machine, especially GPU; you can have terabytes of RAM and the fastest processor in the world, but unless your GPU is up to spec you can't run Resolve. It's a great NLE and has world-class color grading tools although it's being very actively developed and the slower pace of FCPX development is actually an advantage in terms of stability and productivity.

Re: How is FCP X for stability and phone support?
by Oliver Peters on May 20, 2020 at 7:40:53 pm

I'm not sure what you mean by "rewrites the software." Basically they update versions as does everyone. You can keep working on older versions and not update if you like. You simply won't get any newer features. That's the same as everyone else.

FCPX is on a much slower development path, but it's very stable. However, often times when you do update FCPX, you will also have to update any active Library files (project files) as they will also not be backwards compatible.

And yes, Avid is compatible now with Catalina, but that OS still has issues, so I would suggest avoiding it.

- Oliver

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