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FCPX Markers - Copying (Somehow) ?
FCPX Markers - Copying (Somehow) ?
by David Esp on Apr 16, 2019 at 4:54:41 pm

Is there yet a way to copy multiple (preferably all) markers from (clips in) one timeline to (clips in) another ? Some tip, kludge, workaround (possibly involving third party apps, commercial or free, mature or experimental e.g. on github) ? Some kind of XML-processing script or app? I realise they can be copy/pasted individually.

It appears no longer possible (in 10.4.6 and some earlier versions) to simply replace one timeline-clip with another, retaining the markers from the first.

I appreciate the need to plan properly beforehand (!) and that some people work-around by putting markers on pseudo clips (e.g. empty titles) stretched over the timeline like effect layers. But is there some way to wrangle incumbent ones on timeline clips ?