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little assistance with files and folders
little assistance with files and folders
by Ty Ford on May 3, 2018 at 10:25:09 pm


I did an update about a year ago to 10.1.4 and was doing a relatively clueless job.
I think I have somehow duplicated the projects and events as I seem to have them as folders and as a bundle as well.
I'd like to NOT lose any sessions, but clean things up a bit.

I have one folder called "Old Final Cut Projects and Events." In it are two folders; Final Cut Events and Final Cut Projects. Most of them have Sept 28 as their modification date.

If I open the bundle, have a directory full of folders that have Mostly October 17 and Sept 28 2017 modification date plus a folder called Updated Projects modified Oct. 23 2017 that has a significant number of session folders in it. There are some duplicate folders in the Updated Projects folder, but they don't have any original media folders with files in them. Do I just pig my way through the directories or lose the contents of the Updated Projects folder?

Any wisdom you could impart would be appreciated.


Ty Ford

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Re: little assistance with files and folders
by Brett Sherman on May 5, 2018 at 1:46:10 pm

I'm not sure I fully understand what you want to delete. But when FCP X moved to the library system you had to upgrade your Projects and Events. When it did that it gave you the option to keep the old ones. That's what it put in the "Old Final Cut Projects and Events" folder. There is no reason to keep those anymore once you have a working Library file. In fact you'd have to go back a few versions in FCP X to even do the conversion now.

However, I'm not sure how it dealt with media within the old Event as I never stored media in my Event files. My guess is it moved it over to the new Library file, but you'd want to verify that first before deleting the old Projects and Events.

As far as duplicate projects go, I'd just leave them as they can't be taking up that much room. You can feel free to delete the cache and render files. If you get duplicate cache files they really take up a lot of space and can always be regenerated. In fact one of the things I do when I start reaching the full capacity of a drive is delete old cache files.

Re: little assistance with files and folders
by Ty Ford on May 5, 2018 at 2:03:51 pm

Thanks, Brett,

I'm just looking to get rid of clutter. In looking more deeply into the issue so I could explain it better and reading your response, it seems like I'll just have to dig into the mud and check for duplicates as I weed.

Still hoping for a better strategy.



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